With air conditioning by evaporative cooling we will be able to enjoy a much more acclimatized and comfortable environment, getting some very interesting advantages.

This evaporative cooling air conditioning system is becoming one of the most demanded options in the industrial sector as well as in the livestock sector and in the service sector, given the comfort that the system provides.

We must not forget that we are talking about a much more natural climate system, thus achieving a perfect adaptation to the environment.

What is evaporative cooling and what are its main advantages

It is a system through which we will have an installation that will allow us to make a current of air in contact with a current of water, decreasing the temperature as it occurs naturally in the middle of nature.

This type of installation works by evaporating part of the water at the moment in which it comes into contact with the air current, which achieves a double effect that is air cooling and humidification, thus achieving a very pleasant sensation as much for human beings as in the case of the livestock sector, for the animals of a farm.

The main objective of this type of system is to cool an environment, but with the particularity of adapting to the external climatology, being then the ideal alternative to install in terraces and places that give to the outside and that by regulation can not be closed as it can be for example the terrace of a catering establishment, the cabin of a farm, or an industrial building.

There are two main possibilities, the evaporative cooling systems used in industry or livestock, which act through the recirculation of water and contact with the wet surface by poured water; and the equipment of lost water sprayed by nozzles.

Differences between the air conditioning system and the evaporative cooling system

Although with the Evaporative Cooling system we will not have an exhaustive control of the temperature, it is designed to be able to work in areas that we can not or do not want to close but that we want to maintain with greater comfort.

The Evaporative Cooling System has a more economical and simple assembly, in addition to adapting to the outside temperature, there being no sudden changes in temperature when going from a refrigerated environment to an uncooled one.

We will have both the doors and the windows open when the device is running, not affecting this to its operation or the climatological sensation of the place, with a very economical and ecological system, with little consumption, which also allows to balance the humidity with the consequent increase in comfort.

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