The filling for cooling towers or core, is an element of essential importance in any evaporative cooling system, which is one in which the cooling occurs as naturally as the heat dissipation of water and its emission to the atmosphere when in contact with air, due to the difference in temperatures.Para conseguir el efecto más preciso y de mejor rendimiento, hemos de procurar el contacto más estrecho entre el agua y la fuente de aire.

The vehicle that is given to the water to reach the maximum level of contact is the filling for cooling towers or interphase core.

The technical perfection of this core directly depends on its efficiency and performance and, consequently, its energy consumption but, in addition, its material characteristics and its design must favor a perfect cleaning and the least possible accumulation of waste that can be harmful.

The evolution of technologies in the development of fillings or cores allows us today to have high efficiency energy-filled filler panels, providing the best contact surfaces between water and air and integration with high-efficiency drop separators, which They make practically impossible any contamination that does not come from a lack of maintenance or hygiene.

Fillers are thus the true heart of the cooling towers, optimizing, on the one hand, the energy consumption and, on the other, reducing environmental pollution, while at the same time providing the highest levels of healthiness required.

Our fillings, developed entirely by Control y Ventilacion, the PANAL C & V and the SEPARADOR C & V, represent the highest technology and are certified by the Miguel Hernández University, specialized in these studies, guaranteeing that the water dragged by the separator is 8 times below the maximum allowed with respect to the water in circulation.

Control y Ventilacion, S.L. is a company of international renown within the industrial and livestock sector, for being a manufacturer of products within the evaporative cooling sector, such as the HUMIBAT, evaporative plastic cooler; or its NUCLEOS towers, Cooling Towers. In both products, the substrate in which the evaporative process is produced is a plastic honeycomb, a honeycomb resistant both to physical and chemical attacks, and at the same time flexible, a honeycomb with a mesh structure, made of polyethylene High Density, and marketed under the names of PANAL C & V or in the case of being a drop separator, SEPARADOR C & V .

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