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The use of evaporative panels without a high air speed increases the body temperature of the chicken

The article talks about how the use of evaporative panels without a high air velocity increases the body temperature of the chicken.

For example, when the use of some panels is reducing the temperature of the incoming air from 35 to 29.5 ºC, what is done is increase the humidity by 25%, and given that the ability of a bird to get rid of excess Heat is linked to the evaporation of water from your respiratory system, higher humidity in the house can have a detrimental effect on your ability to cool, since this increase in humidity decreases that evaporation capacity. Thus, without a speed of at least 150m / min, the cooling panels can bring the body temperature of already grown chickens to near-lethal levels.


Control y Ventilacion, S.L. is a company of international renown within the industrial and livestock sector, for being a manufacturer of products within the evaporative cooling sector, such as the HUMIBAT, evaporative plastic cooler; or its NUCLEOS towers, Cooling Towers. In both products, the substrate in which the evaporative process is produced is a plastic honeycomb, a honeycomb resistant both to physical and chemical attacks, and at the same time flexible, a honeycomb with a mesh structure, made of polyethylene High Density, and marketed under the names of PANAL C & V or in the case of being a drop separator, SEPARADOR C & V .

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