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What environmental factors must be controlled when starting the chicks?

The article tells us how the main objective of raising chicks is to provide them with a comfortable and healthy environment in the most efficient and economical way possible, taking into account the critical factors, temperature, humidity, air quality and lighting. .

This is due to the fact that a less adequate environment will result in lower growth, a worse feed conversion rate, an increase in diseases, mortality and seizures in the slaughterhouse, and therefore lower profitability.

Maintaining the correct temperature is essential especially in the first two weeks of the chick’s life, and until he is able to regulate his temperature, which occurs around 12 to 14 days of age. Proper management of this factor will prevent the chick from having to use its energy until the chick.

The level of humidity influences the ability of the bird to cool down through panting and influences the production of ammonia, which in excess has a negative impact on the health of the animals by affecting the immune system and being the cause of respiratory diseases . It is always recommended to keep the relative humidity around 50-70% during growth.

Ventilation is necessary to regulate the temperature and remove carbon dioxide, ammonia, dust, etc. Ventilation should be designed to break temperature stratification and provide uniformity throughout the house.

Chick activity is higher the higher the light intensity. This is why it must be reduced when the birds have learned where the feed and water are.


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