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The 9 tips to apply to anticipate heat stroke

The article begins by listing good practices to prevent heat stroke, which has a very significant impact on broiler farming, and occurs with increasing frequency.

These good practices are:

.- Check the tightness and isolate. This maximizes the efficiency of the ventilation and cooling systems.

.- Prepare accesses, mitigating the impact of radiation, shading air intakes and creating islands of freshness

.- Equipment, such as evaporative cooling equipment. The equipment must be chosen according to the type of ventilation of the building.

.- Equipment maintenance. Good maintenance prolongs its efficiency,

.- Desirable temperature at the end of fattening, always controlling the parts of the time regularly,

.- Adjust ventilation and refrigeration equipment, so as to maximize the efficiency of the system,

.- Management of drinking and eating during heatstroke, feeding in the priciest hours and using electrolyte supplements,

.- Adapt the lighting, promoting darkness in the hottest periods

.- Practical information, such as not intervening in the warehouse in the hottest hours, or prohibiting opening with forced ventilation, etc.


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