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Dosing Systems: Cooling Towers

The chemical dosing systems ensure that the cooling towers work within the proper parameters and problems are avoided.

Cooling towers are structures that are used as a coolant for water that comes from a process, through a system that removes heat and transfers it to the atmosphere through a process of evaporation or conduction. When the pipes through which the water is transported are affected by a problem such as corrosion or fouling, they deteriorate and reduce the efficiency of the operation.

The chemical dosing systems act by injecting products such as corrosion inhibitors, sulfuric acid, scale inhibitors or anti-scale, and seek to achieve an adequate treatment to the characteristics of the system to offer protection against fouling, incrustation and corrosion problems, as well as an effective control of microbiological growth.

Another objective of the chemical dosing systems is that the recirculation water and the spare water have the appropriate specifications for the process. To do this, the variables of the main circuit (pH, chlorine, conductivity) are continuously analyzed by means of a water sampling and analysis system and control loops are programmed to manage the injection of the chemicals based on the results obtained.

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