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Professionalization and maintenance, keys to the proper functioning of evaporative cooling equipment

La profesionalización y el mantenimiento, claves en el correcto funcionamiento de los equipos de refrigeración evaporativa

Due to the summer, and as a consequence of the increase in temperature, the cases of legionella can increase, hence the importance of carrying out a correct maintenance in all the facilities susceptible to host the bacteria. In its annual campaign on the prevention of legionella in risk teams, the Evaporative Refrigeration Group of the Association of Cold Companies and their Technologies (AEFYT) has an impact on maintenance as a key in all those equipment likely to house the bacteria.

It should be remembered that legionella is not a problem exclusively linked to the cooling towers, equipment to which, for years, too much attention has been paid leaving in a second term other facilities such as public fountains, irrigation systems, spas, swimming pools, vaporizers or sanitary hot water systems.

Since AEFYT has always insisted on the call to the health authorities to monitor all facilities at risk without falling into an unnecessary social alarm.

In the case of evaporative cooling towers, the solution is not to limit the use of all these equipment and facilities, but to provide engineers and owners thereof with the tools and protocols necessary to avoid the presence of the bacteria, its proliferation and its diffusion to the environment, as well as to carry out, throughout the year, a correct maintenance and cleaning of all the risk equipment contemplated in Royal Decree 865/2003, of 4 July. At this point, Manuel Lamúa, manager of AEFYT, emphasizes how “the maintenance tasks in the teams at risk of housing the Legionella bacteria must be developed throughout the year”.

On the other hand, the fact that in Spain all the cases of Legionella have been reported has amplified the alarms around these equipment, but the truth is that during the last two years none of the outbreaks registered in our country have been related to the cooling towers or with evaporative condensers, as stated by AEFYT. Increasing awareness of the need for good maintenance and the growing professionalization of the sector have put a brake on this situation.

Evaporative refrigeration equipment is completely safe with only applying the guidelines established in the Regulation, which, together with the benefits they provide, make them the ideal alternative both in terms of energy savings and environmental protection. In this sense, one of the main strengths in their favor at a time, such as the current one, in which the valuation of economic costs is vital, is the scarce water footprint (HH) that they leave behind, an online benefit with water security. This environmental indicator evaluates the total volume of fresh water used in the production of goods and services and its impact on the economic cost of any product, allowing to evaluate the most convenient technology at any time

The maintenance programs aim to control the conditions that favor high concentrations of Legionella in all those facilities susceptible to harbor the bacteria. Proper inspection, cleaning and disinfection will prevent the reproduction of any of these circumstances.

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