Control y Ventilacion Is a company of Spanish nationality founded in 1998, inherited by other companies whose activity began in the late 60's.

Its activity has always been associated with evaporation technology, developing a unique and distinctive evaporative substrate, which has led

Control y Ventilación S.L.

the company to develop superior tecnological products to those already available on the market.


• Evaporative system

• System phylosofhy

• Evaporation pad

• Main aplications

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• Humibat

• Pad C&V

• Serparador C&V

• Núcleos de Interfase


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Actual business lines:

  • – Evaporative refrigeration: HUMIBAT
  • – Cooling towers: Nucleos de Interfase
  • – Evaporative products: PANAL C&V
  • – High eficiency drift eliminators: SEPARADOR C&V
  • – Big evaporators to eliminate liquid residues: DH, HBS and others.