Evaporative Refrigeration

Natural refrigeration

When air comes in contact with water, part of this water evaporates, absorbing energy in form of heat, and cooling the air. This is the refrigeration used in nature.

This phenomenon, built in a well designed equipment, provides a refrigeration system with a low cost installation and a low energetic consume, applicable to premises where refrigeration can be added to an adequate ventilation.

Humibat System:

All the evaporative refrigeration equipments made in Control y Ventilacion S.l., under Humibat brand, are designed to have the maximum resistance against. time, such as from the structural and mechanic point of view but from the uses too.

For this, our HUMIBAT system incorporates high quality materials, polyester in the shell, high density polyethylene for the water-air contact body and stainless steel for the circulation pumps.

Humibat systems discard the classic contact bodies like the cellulose or chipboard. In contraposition, the polyethylene flexible net, as a basic component of the HUMIBAT, adds to its incomparable durability, the difficulty of it filling up with dirt, and a consistent structure, keeping the thermal conditions and performance constant. The principal characteristics are the following:


  • High water-air contact surface density, with a minimal aerodynamic resistance to airflow
  • High drop retention, giving a damp air and avoiding contamination problems, and a high capacity of holding hard residues ( limes, salts, dust, mud…) without changing its performance.
  • The whole set of HUMIBAT allows the optimal adaptation to each installation, with overpressure or depression airflow.
  • In the first case, the HUMIBAT has a built in fan, witch forces the airflow through the pad and out windows or doors… to the outside.

Our Advantages and our Differences:

  • Non obturable, long life, sinthetic material pad.
  • Minimal maintenance costs
  • Constant performance
  • Easy to clean
  • Free of corrosion
  • Minimal air resistance
  • Low power consumption
  • Environmentally friendly

Types of HUMIBAT


Units designed for large buildings via distribuiton . Each unit is equipped with a motor-driven centrifugal ventilator. They can be installed either on the walls of the building or on the roof. The air is conducted and introduced via air ducts , driven by its centrifuge fan.


Units designed to work by over-pressure. They are installed on the walls of the building introducing the cool air horizontally. Each unit
incorporates its own fan-motor group.


Units designed to work by over-pressure. They are installed on the roof of the building and introduce the cool air vertically. Each unit
incorporates its own fan-motor group.

HUMIBAT® TYPE “F”, “L”, “S”, y “SF”

Non-autonomous unit without fan-motor group, They are installed on the building walls introducing the cool air through them, working by depression caused from a extractor fan.