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Cooling in animal farms

The article talks about farms, and the need for them, their place of residence gives them a good quality of life.

Among other things, the implementation of a refrigeration system stands out, which aims to air-condition the place and adjust the relative temperature and humidity levels to achieve maximum possible productivity.

Since for each farm and / or type of animal, the conditions may be different, an individual study should be done for each installation.

An important part of the cooling systems on the farms are the humidifier panels.

Humidifier panels – Evaporative cooling system

The panels base their operation on the evaporative cooling system. The honeycomb that is going to get wet with water can be of different materials. Nowadays plastics begin to be very normal due to their greater durability.

Through this wet honeycomb will pass the air which will cool, lower its temperature, according to the so-called adiabatic process. Due to evaporation the temperature drops.

The system works, is cheap and requires low maintenance.

As for the advantages of the panels we can list:

.- The cooling capacity of the humidifier panels is very high.

.- When the water is distributed evenly, the temperature of the farm drops gradually and without sudden changes, which is good for the quality of life of the animal.

.- They are obscuring, preventing the penetration of light.

.- The plastic panels, especially those of PEHD High Density Polyethylene can be easily cleaned, by means of pressurized water for example.

.- The useful life of these HDPE plastic panels is high, which makes the initial investment very economical,


Control y Ventilacion, S.L. is a company of international renown within the industrial and livestock sector, for being a manufacturer of products within the evaporative cooling sector, such as the HUMIBAT, evaporative plastic cooler; or its NUCLEOS towers, Cooling Towers. In both products, the substrate in which the evaporative process is produced is a plastic honeycomb, a honeycomb resistant both to physical and chemical attacks, and at the same time flexible, a honeycomb with a mesh structure, made of polyethylene High Density, and marketed under the names of PANAL C & V or in the case of being a drop separator, SEPARADOR C & V .

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