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Air conditioning in pig farms

The article begins with the claim that pig welfare is defined, in part, by its ability to adapt to the environment. That is, every time they have to cope with non-optimal conditions, they allocate resources to it, consequently losing the ability to produce and affecting the immune system.

Environmental conditions, among others, are therefore key to achieving an ideal development environment.

Not only the environmental temperature factor is key to achieving optimal conditions within the farm, humidity and air currents are also important factors.

Environmental quality, or concentration of dust or gases (ammonia, carbon dioxide, …), plays a relevant role in the comfort of animals, with the implication that it entails in health and production aspects.

The article then goes on to analyze the issue of temperature in animals and then comments on aspects to take into account in the design of the facilities, such as Ventilation, Insulation and Refrigeration (evaporative cooling).


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