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The article begins with commented on the need for animals to have a better quality of life, just as we do in our home having a roof and appliances of all kinds.

The refrigeration system is one of those devices that has given us both a better quality of life.

Its implementation on farms is aimed at air conditioning the place and adjusting the temperature and humidity levels. These conditions will have to be different depending on each farm and each type of animal.

Next, the article talks about humidifier panels as the cooling system that achieves good cooling in farms.

This system is based on the principle of evaporative cooling, when water falls into a panel located in a slit through which the air must pass, which drops in temperature. This process known as the adiabatic process is based on evaporation.

It is a system that works, is inexpensive and low maintenance.

The article then goes on to list and explain the advantages of these panels, which are:

.- high cooling capacity,

.- Uniform distribution,

.- Light impermeability, prevent the penetration of light

.- Easy to maintain,

.- Long useful life.


Control y Ventilacion, S.L. is a company of international renown within the industrial and livestock sector, for being a manufacturer of products within the evaporative cooling sector, such as the HUMIBAT, evaporative plastic cooler; or its NUCLEOS towers, Cooling Towers. In both products, the substrate in which the evaporative process takes place is a self-made plastic honeycomb, a honeycomb resistant both to physical and chemical attacks, and at the same time flexible, a honeycomb with a mesh structure, made of polyethylene High Density, and marketed under the names of PANAL C & V or in the case of being a drop separator, SEPARADOR C & V .

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