In Control and Ventilation, S.L. We are specialized in the installation of equipment and evaporative cooling systems.

This system offers great advantages.

Undoubtedly, from the economic point of view already means a saving with respect to other systems. This is due to the combination of energy use and the ideal installation cost, which allows achieving a good relationship between investment and performance. The initial investment is lower, the installation is simple and fast (without major works).

In addition, in its operation there is a reduced energy consumption, it means an energy saving. In fact, in comparison with typical installations, we can talk about the savings of having a consumption much lower than half, which is also a very important aspect to take into account from the point of view of the environment, an important concern in our society.

In this sense, evaporative cooling is a very effective solution. The greenhouse effect is reduced, there is greater efficiency in the process.

Control y Ventilacion, S.L. is a company of international renown within the industrial and livestock sector, for being a manufacturer of products within the evaporative cooling sector, such as the HUMIBAT, evaporative plastic cooler; or its NUCLEOS towers, Cooling Towers. In both products, the substrate in which the evaporative process is produced is a plastic honeycomb, a honeycomb resistant both to physical and chemical attacks, and at the same time flexible, a honeycomb with a mesh structure, made of polyethylene High Density, and marketed under the names of PANAL C & V or in the case of being a drop separator, SEPARADOR C & V .

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