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In a torrid summer but for the whole year, The Group of Manufacturers of Equipment of Evaporative Cooling of AEFYT, Association of Companies of the Cold and his Technologies, has elaborated a series of tips destined to the proprietors of the towers of cooling and equipment of cooling evaporative The objective is that the owners bet on a very energy efficient technology, which also has great advantages in relation to the amortization of the cost, since Legionella is perfectly controllable.

Evaporative refrigeration is used in large sectors of the industry for its production processes and also large segments of the tertiary sector, such as hotels. The legislation points to the property as the ultimate responsible for the proper functioning and maintenance of the equipment to, among other issues, avoid problems related to legionella and, on the other, to ensure the optimal functioning of the same and its greater energy efficiency.

1.- Know and apply Royal Decree 865/2003, of July 4, which establishes the hygienic-sanitary criteria for the prevention and control of legionellosis. Manufacturers’ maintenance recommendations take these standards as a basis, although in many cases they are extended and improved.

2.- Ensure the correct operation of the equipment. Keeping up to date the controls and periodic cleanings recommended by the manufacturers. It is important to scrupulously respect the periodicity of the same.

3.- Take care of the design of the equipment. If the team is twenty years old or older maybe the time has come to think about renewing it. Currently, the design of evaporative cooling equipment includes numerous improvements designed to eliminate the conditions that favor the multiplication of bacteria, as well as to minimize the dragging of water aerosols in the air discharge of the equipment.

4.- Monitor the installation site. Evaporative cooling equipment can not be placed in people’s passage areas to prevent the aerosol they emit from being inhaled by them. There are many doubts that the bacterium can survive several meters without the presence of the hydrological medium provided by the microdroplets, so the site is vital so that they can not be inhaled. In any case, better to prevent.

5.- Ensure that maintenance control books are up-to-date and ensure that they are carried out by reputable companies. In this sense, in recent years there has been an intense professionalization of the maintenance sector, as well as a greater awareness of the importance of doing a good job in this regard.

6.- The legionella is fought in winter. The maintenance of a tower, although simple, is a task that must be carried out with the periodicity recommended by the manufacturer throughout the year.

Appropriate equipment for many sectors

Evaporative cooling equipment is suitable for almost all industrial applications where cooling is required: air conditioning for buildings, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries, food industry, automotive industry, steel production, manufacture of electronics and semiconductor components, power plants , cogeneration plants. Without these equipments, many of the processes of these facilities could not be realized or they would do it to a much lower performance. Likewise, there would be a greater consumption of natural resources, such as water, and would pose a greater threat to the environment.

About AEFYT, Association of Cold Companies and their Technologies

It is formed by companies that manufacture evaporative cooling equipment, representing 95% of the sector. These are companies committed to the development of a safe evaporative cooling technology that is beneficial for the environment and contributes to energy savings. Among the activities of the group, the diffusion of the benefits of evaporative cooling and the collaboration with the national and regional authorities in the formation of a park of modern and safe cooling towers, as well as with the rest of the interlocutors involved in its maintenance and installation