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New Royal Decree for the control of legionella (RD 487/2022)

The article talks about the Royal Decree that will come into force on January 2, 2023, indicating that it proposes technical improvements and innovations, as well as new legionellosis risk management measures, which will have to be applied in the facilities. and equipment susceptible to becoming sources of contamination.

Royal Decree 487/2022 will apply to the following facilities and equipment:

.- Sanitary water systems.

.- Cooling towers and evaporative condensers.

.- Evaporative cooling equipment.

.- Industrial humidifying plants.

.- Humidifiers.

.- Firefighting water systems.

.- Heated water systems or with temperatures similar to those heated (≥ 24 °C) and aerosolization with/without agitation and with/without recirculation through high-velocity jets or air injection, multipurpose pool basins with this type of facilities, pool basins with gaming devices, water play areas, mushrooms, curtains, waterfalls, among others.

.- Ornamental fountains with aerosol diffusion and passable fountains.

.- Sprinkler irrigation systems in the urban environment or in golf or sports fields.

.- Evaporative cooling devices by spraying by means of aerosolization cooling elements.

.- Vehicle washing systems.

.- Irrigation or washing machines for public roads and road cleaning vehicles.

.- Any element intended for refrigeration and/or humidification capable of producing aerosols not included in the rest of the points.

.- Installations for sanitary / therapeutic use: Respiratory therapy equipment; respirators; nebulizers; pressurized water systems in dental treatments; therapeutic baths with pressurized water; obstetric baths for childbirth and facilities that use declared mineral-medicinal or thermal waters.

.- Any other installation that uses water in its operation and produces or is likely to produce aerosols that may pose a risk to the health of the population.


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